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The Doyles at the Duke

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The other night I was catching up with a friend. Since it had become kind of a tradition to do so at the Duke of Duckworth that’s where we met. While we were having a beer or two groups of people started to come in and form half circles around tables facing the TV screens. At 9.30pm the pub went dead quiet.




That was the moment we realized that it was Wednesday and Republic of Doyle was on. Before this we were unaware we had gotten into a circle of devotees coming together to watch the Doyles.

For the next hour, while Jake, Malachy and company were chasing some crooks through the streets of St. John’s, talking was only allowed during intermissions. If we ignored that we were at the risk of admonishing looks from the circle mob.

During intermissions the noise level would suddenly rise and calm down again as soon as one of the adored actors re-appeared on screen. The audience was obviously captivated by the happenings on screen which were occasionally accompanied by laughter. At the end of the episode the whole spook was gone and the Duke turned back into a normal pub.

If you want to watch Republic of Doyle with kindred spirits the Duke is the place to go. And really, could anything be more appropriate?


By: Melanie Fornoff