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Hey Rosetta – JUNO nominee – Interview

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Hey Rosetta — JUNO nominee — Interview






With Josh Ward:

1.  It was just announced that you guys will be performing at the Junos this year,  what’s more exciting?   performing or being nominated?

I think we’re equally excited by both. I know that’s the easy answer, but it is hard to decide. It will will be great to get to share the big stage with all the other awesome acts, but it’s also an honor to be acknowledged.

2.  You’ve won 3 ECMAs and a Music NL award how does being nominated for a Juno compare?

It’s still really exciting to us. It seems there’s a certain amount of disdain from a lot of musicians toward the whole award show thing, but it still feels nice to be recognized by the community for the things you do. We were honored and surprised and excited by all the nominations we’ve received, and are equally so for Juno’s as well.

3.   Anyone you’d like hang out/jam with at the Juno’s if you get a chance?

Probably The Once, cause they’re so good. They’re always on the road, and we’re always on the road, so we never get to hang out. Or maybe Beebs

4.   What were you doing when you heard news about the nomination?  was it expected?

I was boiling up a bit of porridge when my phone started going mad with the texts. People seemed to think that it might be a possibility for us, because we’ve been having a pretty good year, but I can’t say I expected it.

5.  Any chance we’ll see a Newfoundland flag waving on stage during your performance?

That’s a possibility. We actually have a small collection of NL flags that people have thrown to us on stage. Sometimes we play in really far off places and people from home show up decked out with flags and so excited that they throw them to us. Some bands get bras, we get flags. I love it.



By: Darrell Shelley