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Henry Rollins – On Sale This Weekend!

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Union Events Present:

Who: Henry Rollins
Where: Arts and Culture Centre (all Ages)
When: June 21 (St. John’s)  June 22 (Corner Brook)

Tickets go on sale March 9, 2012




Henry Rollins is a legend in Punk circles around the world.

Greg Ginn from Black Flag once said – “after Henry joined we couldn’t do songs with a sense of humour anymore; he got into the serious way-out poet thing.”

Indeed Rollins stage presence and political views caused him to be a target of violent audience members.    Rollins became known for his larger than life stage presence and fist fights with audience members.

From 1981-86 Rollins traveled throughout Europe and North America with the band and recorded six albums.

Following the band’s breakup, Rollins soon established the record label and publishing company 2.13.61 to release his spoken word albums.

He soon formed the Rollins Band, which toured relentlessly with a number of lineups from 1987 until 2003, and during 2006.

He has his own television show The Henry Rollins Show and has hosted numerous radio shows, such as Harmony in My Head on Indie.   He has also appeared on television shows such as MTV’s 120 Minutes, and Jackass.

He had a recurring dramatic role in the second season of Sons of Anarchy and has also had roles in several films ( The Chase, Wrong Turn and American Hardcore).

Rollins has also campaigned for various political causes in the United States, including promoting LGBT rights, World Hunger Relief, and an end to war in particular, and tours overseas with the United Service Organizations to entertain American troops.

You can be sure that there won’t be a dull moment at the Arts and Culture Centre June 21 (St. John’s) and June 22 ( Corner Brook).  Rollins always has something to say and he doesn’t care whether it’s politically correct or not!


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