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Sam Roberts Band – Live review

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Standing in the crowd next to everyone else waiting in suspense was the toughest part. “When’s he coming out?” they would say to each other. So many excited faces there to see the Sam Roberts Band, the ambiance of the room was vibrating.

Smoke started to drift across the stage just as the lights went out. All was quiet as everyone in the room knew what was coming next.

The lights exploded back on and there they stood, Sam Roberts Band already ripping into a toe tapping song. Immediately the audience goes crazy in response, pushing to the front in a frenzy to get closer to the band.

One song in and the band already had the crowd chanting along with their song “I Feel you”.

“All or nothing, love is war, remember who you’re fightin for!”

The lights were qued  perfectly to match the mood of the crowd. Delta Hotel or not, the show felt like a stadium event.

Talk about a crowd pleaser; Sam Roberts’ stage presence was evidence enough that he puts his heart and soul into the music. After getting out of the initial shock of just how good they were, came an amazing set-list of songs.

Some of which being “Bullet”, “Kalahari”, and “Where Have”. My favorite song of the night was “Let It In”.

They played a stadium worthy show but the venue kept it very personal. Set up perfectly to accommodate the crowd, who were all dancing and cheering. “This show was so worth it!” and “Sam Roberts is amazing!” were some of the things I heard as I navigated through the crowd for a better look.

At one point Sam Roberts jumps to the edge of the stage and wails on his  guitar causing the crowd to burst into a frenzy of applause. When all the songs were over it like the ending to a sweet movie.

Sam Roberts Band finished off the night with an impressive encore that left the audience cheering and smiling.

By : Christopher Ryan
Photos : Alyssa Gallant

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