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The Balconies – Live Review

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      When stepping into Hunters to watch the Balconies I was expecting nothing but great things. Great does not even touch the musical  talent of this siblings plus one act.

They blew the top of Hunters with their catchy beats and dance moves.

Jacquie, the lead singer and guitar player, captivated the audience from the moment she stepped on stage. An attendee described the performance as “loud, intense and kick-ass.

I couldn’t take my eyes off the lead singer, she rocked it!” Jacquie oozed confidence and took the place on a whirlwind musical ride. They started off the show hard and it did not stop until The Town Heroes took the stage.

This trio originally from Ottawa is as loud and captivating as a band twice their size.

Steve had slick bass lines working with drummer Liam to keep the crowd rocking out and wanting more. The band worked as a unit but throughout the show you could see their personalities shine through.

Jacquie was the entertainer with her Mick Jagger dance moves and killer vocals throughout the night. The crowd loved her and she left them wanting more.

The year is promising for this up beat, punk-rock trio, with their ability to leave the crowd wanting more but also leaving their souls on stage.

For more information about The Balconies check out their webpage at or find them on facebook.

By : Angie Toombs