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Haunted Hearts

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  Who : Haunted Hearts

Where : Hunter’s Ale House

When : March 16, 2012

Price : $8


Haunted Hearts write a loose blend of music, most identified as Alt-Country or Americana, though a deeper look into their music reveals a much longer list of sounds, styles and influences.

Formed in October 2008, the band is comprised of Dennis Ellsworth (songwriter, vocals, guitar), Mike MacDougall (drums and percussion), Johnny Ross (piano and organ), and Mark Geddes (bass and vocals), and Thomas Webb (pedal steel, guitar, banjo).

The songs ease and haunt with beauty, and might sound something like a cry from the dark side of the soul, an old time honky-tonk howler, a tear stained whiskey ballad, or straight ahead loose country groove. Whatever it is, it is captivating.