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Republic of Doyle wow's fans with Season Premiere

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The Season Premiere was well worth the wait. All summer long the city of St. John’s was abound with rumors of who would be guest actors on The Republic of Doyle.

After countless Facebook posts and street noise, season three kicked off January 11, 2012 with familiar faces and celebrity appearances to create a backdrop of things to come.

Episode 1 “The streets of St. John’s” begins with Jake Doyle chasing a man through downtown George Street and into the back alleyways.   The object of suspicion is a silver brief case that takes the viewer on a half hour roller coaster ride.

Jake becomes a fugitive after using excessive force and in his stubborn nature defies direction from authority time and time again.    Leslie Bennett played by (Krystin Pellerin) grows a new backbone, becoming a woman who no longer follows Jake around like a blind puppy, but instead forms opinions of her own.

There is some close screen play between guest star Russell Crowe and Allan Hawco (aka Jake Doyle) that is often comical yet always on point.

Friction arises between Crowes gang and Doyle as the chase for the silver case rages on. From the assassination of a reputed mob boss and the framing of Bennett it’s hard to tell where the plot will twist next.

There’s plenty of humor such as the crescendo climax when actor Scott Grimes playing “Jimmy” tasers Crowe and blows the ‘stand off’.  This silliness of character raises its head again later when he says “me neither I’m jacked up on whiskey and pain killers”, only to blow another crucial gun face off in the final climax.

There are also appearances by X-Men actor Kevin Durand and Great Big Sea’s Alan Doyle who does a superb job at playing the ‘bad boy’.

Durand’s character Donnie, end’s up being the center of the plot when things unfold and the suspicious facts surrounding the murder of his wife Anita are unfolded…

But we’ll let you view the episode to find out what happens!  Come on!  You didn’t think we’d spill the beans that easily, did you?


The day of shooting for season three created a bustle in the downtown core that had all trying to catch a glimpse of the stars who would be in it.

At that point it was anyone’s guess as to which exact episode they would be in.   And we’ll just have to tune in each week to find out who’s next.

Word on the street has is that Shannon Tweed best known as the wife of legendary Kiss Rocker, Gene Simmons, will join the mix for a guest appearance sometime in the future.

Here’s a list of some of the talent who’ve passed through the ranks in the past couple of years: Nicholas Campbell, Gordon Pinsent, Victor Garber, Alan Doyle, Ian Tracey, Paul Gross, Shawn Doyle, Mark Critch, Jonny Harris, Mary Walsh, Cathy Jones, Shaun Majumder, Robert Joy, Kevin Durand, Scott Grimes, Rachel Wilson, and most recently Russell Crowe.


Now in their 3rd season Republic of Doyle has kept the buzz rolling and keeps getting better with each episode.

Everyone both in Newfoundland and around the world are glued to their Television Sets at 9pm Wednesday nights to see what sort of mess Jake Doyle will get himself into each week.

The show is so realistic that you have to pinch yourself when you see the blue car flying down the road at top speed:  “No grandma he’s not going to get hurt, they are just filming and Jake Doyle is just a character”

With a cast of mainly Newfoundlanders at the helm, viewers are transported to the streets of St.John’s to witness the everyday life of the Doyle Family and the wild scenarios that surround them.

How can Allan Hawco top Russell Crowe and Alan Doyle and who’s going to be next?

It seems we’ll just have to tune in next week to find out what’s in store.

Republic of Doyle- 9pm Wednesdays on CBC

By: Darrell Shelley

Red carpet gallery courtesy of: Jai Me


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