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BOX – up in your face with something to say

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BOX – up in your face with something to say!

It’s Tuesday night and at Trappers this means it’s Toxic Tuesday. And rightly so as the music could easily be described as toxic.

Janet Cull, Kelly-Ann Evans and Natalie Noseworthy are no unknowns in Newfoundland.  Each one for herself is marvelous. Together they are BOX. And BOX rocks! And raps. And a lot more…

The night gets started around 11.30pm with a Motown cover. It doesn’t take long for the girls and the crowd to warm up. The obligatory swigs between the tunes are surely helpful and a good chance to try one of the BOX shots. Trapper John’s is pretty well filled for a Tuesday night. BOX virgins get a warm welcome and regulars are greeted heartily. The atmosphere is quite relaxed and familiar. Audience and band are sharing a moment. That’s the way a good pub concert is supposed to be.

Their songs like “C’mere you wants me”, “You’re so hot (Till you opens yer mouth)” or “Suck the face right off ya” describe life in St. John’s and in general in a hilarious and sometimes self-ironic way. BOX covers musical genres from Pop to Rap to Bluegrass to Motown. Convincing through their vocal performance they restrict the accompanying instruments to a guitar and occasionally a bass or keyboards. This creates a surprisingly fresh sound and is anything but boring.

The invitation to join the girls backstage after the show is followed by their unfinished but nevertheless rocking song “Fight over me”. It must be mentioned that the backstage area consists of the quite extendable space between wall and decoration curtains.

Between two songs we also learn about boundaries. But I guess that’s a different story…

The band plays two sets with some covers but mostly originals. At around 2am they call it a night and finish their show with “Deep Inside”.

The crowd at Trappers obviously enjoyed the show and quite a few of them will be back next Tuesday. Toxic Tuesdays is an on-going event and there is no cover. So come on out for some “Night Emissions”!


By: Melanie Fornoff