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The Lotus Centre

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Who: The Lotus Centre
Where: 52 Prescott Street,
What: Yoga, meditation, chanting, counseling, natural health and more.
Owner: Meranda Squires
Contact: 709-739-4429
Website: The Lotus Centre




Deep breath in.

Deep breath out.

And smile.

That is the essence of the Lotus Centre.

After a 17-year spiritual journey in India, Meranda Squires, a certified teacher of Advanced Studies in Yoga Sciences, returned home to Newfoundland and founded the Lotus Centre in 2001. The centre and its programs were created to encourage personal practice and create spiritual community in St. John’s and surrounding areas.

The Lotus Center shares its space with the Gerard Squires Art Gallery on Prescott Street, which adds an artistic essence to the space. Beautiful, rustic paintings, plants and indoor trees surround the rooms. The air has a subtle, yet intoxicating scent (which, appears to be a concoction of essential oils, incense, natural products and deliciously prepared vegetarian foods). The atmosphere is rich and earthy, relaxing and inviting.

The centre offers weekly yogic services that mingle with the spiritual realm to enhance life experience and deepen connection of mind, body and spirit. Services include: daily yoga (morning/evening) in varieties of soma, hatha and partner yoga, guided meditations, group chanting and drumming sessions, as well as spiritual movie night most Friday evenings.

There are private sessions available in: yoga, Thai yoga massage, mind clearing/counseling sessions, and couples clearing sessions. As well, there are weekend yoga and enlightenment retreats held throughout the year.

There are also a variety of spiritually rich training programs offered, such as: Yoga Teacher Training, Mediation Teaching Training, Natural health and Vegetarian cleansing weekends, Enlightenment Intensive Monitor training and a Yoga Enlightenment Studies (Y.E.S) program designed to reconnect with oneself and develop skills to support and counsel others.

Through its flourishing network, the Lotus Centre has attracted many people from all around the world, including real-life Hare Krishna monks. Bhaktimarga Swami: the Walking Monk and Jay Kavesh have each lead various spiritual events in conjunction with the centre, such as meditations, discussions, chants, and Vedic cooking courses specializing in vegetarian, monk-inspired meals.

The Lotus Centre has also recently expanded its community with The Tree Of Life, a retreat center in Salmonier, St. Mary’s Bay. This self-sustaining community was developed by Ian Goudie and is open to community participants to help build and maintain. Quoting the website: “The centre is based on sacred geometry of the mystical Kabbalah. In alignment with the shifting planetary consciousness, the objective is to provide a sacred place in Nature for participants to experience sustainable, and self- sufficient lifestyles while deepening their spiritual practice.”

For more information or to become apart of the community, please call or visit: and see what peaks your spiritual interest!

By: Tammy Carew