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Shayla Miller – Biography

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Position: Columnist/ Graphic designer









Shayla Miller was born and raised on the beautiful shores of Nova Scotia, and currently operates out of Halifax. Raised on Disney movies, her passion for design formed at a young age. In her teenage years, she took her skills to the next level, graduating from the Centre for Arts and Technology with a degree in Graphic Design. Though she loves every aspect of art; band merchandise is where her heart lies. When she’s not creating super cool pieces, she’s indulging in her other passion; music. It’s safe to say it is the main reason Shayla is in the Graphic Design profession. Whether it’s going to shows, or discovering a new band online, not a day goes by that she doesn’t listen to music. So if you can’t find her with her nose stuck in front of a computer, you will most certainly find her at a concert grooving along to the tunes.


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