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Sea Caves – Interview

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1.  You guys have just released your first album, but you’ve been together for awhile, tell us how it all started.

Duncan: The idea for the band started on the way back from a Mercy the Sexton roadtrip to the ECMAs two years ago. Myself and Jessie (vocals) were talking about how fun it would be to play some loud, aggressive music with a scrappy guitar sound. Months later, we started writing songs in her apartment, then took them to Chris (drums) and Ryan (bass) — we did some more writing with them, and the songs took off from there.


 2.  How long did it take you to write, and record this first album?  can you tell us a little about the process and what you will do differently the next time around?

Ryan: We had been playing most of the songs from the album for a few months before we decided to head in to Chris Driedzic’s Trunk Lane Studios for two extremely hot days in July to record the album.

Chris: We took a few months writing/arranging the songs and different parts before we ever played them live. Once we got a pretty good handle on the songs we played probably 3 shows before we started recording them. We then got together for two days in July, rented some gear and everyone recorded their parts over those two days. I’m not sure we’d do anything drastically different but I know it was probably very tedious for Ryan when he was mixing and mastering.


 3.   I’m hearing some SUB POP in “of gold of night”  care to list a few influences?

Ryan: I owned “Bleach” on cassette in Grade 6.


4.  Nice guitar tones!   What’s the set up?

Duncan: Ryan really helped me develop the guitar sound. The setup was pretty simple – cranked gain and a Big Muff pedal through an old Canadian-made amp. I had a lot of fun with the feedback on a few of the tracks, and Ryan did some interesting stuff with the mic setup. I play a Strat, which I find has a bit of a quirky vibe when it has a lot of distortion on it.


5.   Pizza or hot dogs?

Ryan: Pizza, of course. You can put hot dogs on pizza if you so desire, but you can’t put pizza on hot dogs. That’s just silly.


 6.   If you could play with anyone dead or alive who would it be and where would it be?

Chris: Elvis at CBTG’s. This is the first thing that popped into my head.


7.   Where’s your favourite spot down town to hang out on a wednesday night?

Chris: Not too sure what happens on a Wednesday night downtown, but if the 4 of us were to agree on a place to go to on a Wednesday night it would probably be The Ship, The Duke, or CBTG’s. Then maybe Moo Moo’s for some ice cream.


By: Darrell Shelley