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Kellie Loder – JUNO nominee – Interview

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Kellie Loder live at YC 2010

Kellie Loder is a growing and talented singer/songwriter from Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada. Growing up, she was always aware of her gifts but never would have dreamt where they would one day take her. Some people have used the word “prodigy”, but she considers herself an artistic mystery.




In October of 2009, Kellie was awarded an artist development package by YC Newfoundland & Labrador, valued at $20,000 which included time with production and industry professionals, studio time to record a new album, a professional photo shoot, membership with MusicNL and the ECMAs, and a featured artist slot at YC 2010 ( This was awarded through a contest called the “YC Talent Search” and given based on Kellie’s songwriting abilities and musical talents.

She has now been nominated for the Juno Award for Contemporary Christian/Gospel Album of the Year.


1. How did winning the YCNL Contest affect your career, and how important are those programs?

Talent searches like this give opportunities to youth to get their music out there. I would have never been able to afford the $20,000 price tag it takes to make an album, otherwise.

Peter Newman produced it and brought it to Frank Lynn at Bridgeway Studio in Nashville where it was finished. Because of this program and the wonderful people it allowed me to work with, I got the Juno nomination.


2.  Who submitted you for the award?

Me and mom did it over Christmas… and I didn’t tell a soul. (Laughs)


3.  Are you planning to attend the Junos?

Definitely the 28th of March! Can’t wait to experience Ottawa.

I’ll also be playing hockey in the Juno Cup. I represented team Newfoundland for 4 years. I’m happy for playing this game, and stoked about attending the Junos.


4.  Who are you bringing with you to the show?

My brother Brad and hopefully my producer Peter Newman and someone from YCNL (Dean Brenton) if I can get the tickets for them.


5.  Are you looking forward to meeting any particular acts there?

I want to meet Justin Beiber actually (Laughs).  After I saw his movie I thought he was interesting… so why not?


6.  When you found out that you were nominated, what was your first reaction?

I was working at Grenfell campus in Corner Brook. I looked at my phone, and I saw all these messages: “Heard you on radio!” “How are you?” Etc.  I looked at another from a friend Tonia that read “remember me when you’re rich and famous.”

Then I noticed a missed call from Peter, so I knew something was up and I looked at his text message. I was like “is there another meaning for being up for a Juno?” It was unbelievable!


7. Do you have any plans when you return?

Working on a new album!


By: Darrell Shelley

You can find more about Kellie Loder at her website!