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Shad – Interview

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Born in Kenya, raised in London Ontario, hip-hop artist Shad now has three critically acclaimed albums under his belt, catching the eye of Kanye West and receiving the Juno for Rap Recording of the Year for 2011.

Scene reporter Orion Batten had the pleasure of speaking with Shad before his performance at The Rock House, January 28th.






O: Hey man, thanks for taking the time to talk to me, and thanks for coming to Newfoundland. We appreciate it.

Shad: Yeah, it’s our first time here, and it’s great to be here.

O: In “I Don’t Like To”, you say “Like the Rock, I’m surrounded by watery flows.” Are you talking about Newfoundland?

Shad: No, it’s a reference to the Sean Connery movie, The Rock. I think I mentioned Sean Connery before that. Is that a nickname for Newfoundland, “the rock?”

O: You said in an interview with Juice that you listened to a lot of Common in high school.  What are some of your other favorite artists?

Shad: Nowadays I listen to Kanye, Jay-Z, that kind of stuff. In high school it was Lauren Hill, Biggie, Common, stuff like that.

O: You did your master’s degree in Liberal Studies at Simon Frasier. What did you take from that?

Shad: I think it was a privelige, definitely, to learn for the sake of learning, to have the chance to expand my worldview, to learn how to say more eloquently and precisely what I want to say.

O: I’ve heard you described as an activist. If you could change the world in one way, what would it be?

Shad: I’d definitely say to help people have more compassion for each other. To see each other’s situations, see each other’s limitations. Like maybe if we could have that compassion we’d be kinder to each other.

O: You’ve hit the international stage now, playing in Germany and the U.S. What’s next for you?

Shad: To keep trying to make better music, keep improving my abilities and putting it out there, keep saying what I have to say.

O: I heard you like banana bread.

Shad: Yeah, I like banana bread! Best thing in the world!

By: Orion Batten


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