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PJ Billington’s

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Name: PJ Billington’s
Where: 102 Kenmount Rd.
Average Price: $20-50 depending on the entree per person
Rating: 3.5/5
Casual Dining, pastas, seafood, soups, sandwiches
By: Vanessa Wade



PJ Billington’s, located inside the Ramada Hotel on the corner of Kenmount Rd. and Pippy Place, is a hidden gem in the vast urban sprawl of uptown St.John’s. It has a decor mix of modern and vintage elements with its use of dark wood, ornate cooper ceiling decals. and brass railings and details. It’s defining decor feature is it’s sun room dining area, peppered with colorful Victorian style stained glass windows which give the space a formal elegance while maintain a warm leisurely atmosphere. The servers are friendly and quick to seat patrons. They’re informed on all menu options and often make recommendations. One can tell the staff are fans of the food as much as the regulars are.

There is quite an array to choose from when dining at PJ Billington’s. Their menu is jam packed with everything from standard pub fare, to seafood, pastas, pizzas and steaks. What they are known for, and what servers most often recommend, is their seafood dishes, particularly their Chowder, Pan Fried Cod, and Salmon Bake. Now, St. John’s is not without plenty of delicious seafood already, but PJ Billington’s delivers on their claim.

Surprisingly, soup is one of the best things PJ Billington’s offer. It’s so good in fact that it is the foundation of their very successful Express Lunch Menu, served Monday to Friday from noon-2pm. Two different soups are offered up daily in a buffet set up with fresh garlic baguette that patrons can grill on a skillet. The types of soup change daily and do not disappoint, with some of the standouts being their Mulligatawny, which they add cream to, making it more substantial, their Potato and Bacon Chowder, a simple and hearty soup for a cold day, and their Turkey Vegetable Soup, a customer favorite that never lasts long.

If you want more than soup, the Express Lunch Menu also offers a selection of sandwiches and salads, all made fresh to order as you enjoy their soup as a starter. Of the three sandwiches on the Express menu, the standout is the Southwest Mango Chicken Panini. With it’s mango slices, red pepper strips, chicken breast chunks and tangy southwest sauce, grilled on panini bread with cheese, the sandwich is a substantial lunch with a unique, pleasing taste.

For a lighter pairing with the soup buffet, there’s also salads, which are very fresh, piled high and arrive quickly once ordered. The Caesar Salad is lightly dressed, which complements the crisp romaine lettuce, fresh cooked bacon, croutons and grated Parmesan mixture perfectly. The Greek Salad is zesty and filling, it’s also the basis of their Toasted Veggie Wrap on the lunch menu. Be sure to let the wrap cool down first, it arrives to the table very hot.

PJ Billington’s is open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Prices are comparable to other casual dining restaurants in the St.John’s metro area, with meals ranging from $20-50 depending on the entree and drinks ordered. The Express Lunch menu is an excellent deal with just the soup buffet at around $10 with a drink and the soup and salad or soup and sandwich combos at around $15 with a drink.

Out of 5 stars I give PJ Billington’s a 3.5. It is a well kept restaurant with efficient, attentive service and good food for your money in terms of casual dining. It can be a bit slow at peak times and certain seating areas seem to get more attention when this occurs. There can also be some inconsistencies in the menu at  times in terms of availability of certain ingredients that some patrons may not appreciate. Otherwise, PJ Billington’s is another great establishment in a city full of them. If you’re in the Kenmount Rd. area of the city shopping or errand running, drop by for a relaxing leisurely meal.

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By: Vanessa Wade


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