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John Southworth – Up Close and Intimate (one night only)

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Who: John Southworth
December 11
Where: The Ship @10pm
Price: $10


Pinwheel Music recording artist John Southworth will be hitting St.John’s for the first time in his 15 year career.

here’s what others are saying:

The best live show of 2010….Will renew your faith in music -Tom Power, CBC Radio 2

If you see one show this year, go see John Southworth.” -Rich Terfry, CBC Radio 2

Wonderful, sylvan, sprightly, uber-bolangaire, peculiar and smart. -Guy Maddin, filmmaker

“The Great John Southworth, a songwriter’s songwriter” -Grant Lawrence, CBC Radio 3

A truly true original -Steve Guimond, The Hour, Montreal


Aside from the fact that hes always striven to make every album distinct from its predecessor, Southworths music contains nothing to unsettle the sensitive listener. No shrieking, no feedback, no discords. Yet only those who allow themselves to be drawn into the mysterious and unique realm it conjures will truly be able to appreciate the sheer rigour and care with which it is constructed.

With 8 albums to his name and countless road miles John Southworth has proven his worth as an artist and a true gentleman who respects his fans and the air that we all breathe.

Backed by his stellar band “The South Seas” he’ll be at The Ship on Sunday Dec 11

Ohh and did we mention that he needs a good SCREECH IN?