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Daniel Sky – Spider Milk

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Band: Daniel Sky
Album: Spider Milk (2011)
Genre: Alt Country/Rock
Influences: Serena Ryder, Blue Rodeo, Elvis Costello
By: Darrell Shelley



From the moment I heard the opening riff to track 1 Somebodys Leavin with lyrics that refer to Bob Dylans like a rolling stone my first thought was “This is awesome!!!”

Take early Sloan, Bob Dylan and put them through a Sublime type reggae blender and youv’e got Daniel Sky

By the time I hit track 3 Low Down it was clear to me that this Alt/country album was made to make you feel good.

As the album progresses its clear that Sky has done his homework.

There are some Eagles meet Blue Rodeo type harmonies thrown in on some tracks with throw backs to the post 70s Elvis Costello movement.

You can even hear some Serena Ryder influenced sounds in there, which is appropriate when you look at the production credit. It was produced by Derek Downham (Beauties, Elliot Brood, Sarah Slean, Serena Ryder and many more)

There is something in this for the true music lover.

The Good: Great production! Amazing songs and musicianship.

The Bad: Its hard to tell if Sky will be able to make huge sales with this album. Its not generic enough to fit into any radio mold, however, that’s not a bad thing for the true music lover.

The Ugly: Slows down a little in the middle, which may cause those with a short attention span to flip to the next track. But overall its a nice piece of work.


by: Darrell Shelley