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Wild Lily Dance Centre

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Wild Lily Dance Centre

Wild Lily Dance Centre

Who: Wild Lily Dance Centre
Where: 156 Duckworth Street
Style: Belly dance, Ballet, Bollywood, Flamenco, Yoga, Tap
Menu: N/A
Owner: Lori Savory & Vanessa Paddock
Contact: (709) 753-5232


Founded by Lori Savory & Vanessa Paddock in 2009 Wild Lily Dance Centre has been changing the face of contemporary dance in St. Johns. They offer classes in all the expected areas such as Belly dance and Ballet and push the envelope with world class instruction in Bollywood, Flamenco and Yoga.

Savory and Paddock started the idea when they met in the Neighborhood Strays Belly dance Troop

Savory explains We wanted to offer the people of St. Johns something new, so we put our heads together and searched for the best instructors in each area, I think weve accomplished that.

It seems like smooth sailing now, but their success was met with some hard lessons early on.

We had this great space on Water Street, when we first started explains Savory. We had clients and the classes were running on schedule, everything was going fine. Then I received a call near Christmas and was told we had to move out! We were shocked! Apparently some developers had purchased the building and were planning to tear it down. In less than a month we had to move and on top of it we were about to start a new semester. Its hard to find a good space in St. Johns, luckily we found our current location almost immediately. However, it wasnt turn key and we had to renovate and paint. I remember when some students helped us paint the walls one day and I though to myself we’ve really started something here. For example you dont see customers going into Tim Hortons and offering to paint the walls We really have some great students and real sense of community here.

With the addition of Karen Humvy and Wendy Osmand, Wild Lily Dance Centre have begun offering classes to adults in the areas of Ballet and Tap Dance. So if you want to see your hubby in a tutu while getting a work out, this might be the place for you!


Semesters are:

With work shops offered in the summer.


So whats coming in 2012? Expect to see more adult contemporary classes, African Dance Classes and more community events.


Wild Lilly Dance Centre have their semester end performance Dec.14.

Its open to the public

Where: Bishop Field School
When: Dec 14, 2011
Price: $5


For more information contact

by: Darrell Shelley