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Interview with Kenneth J. Harvey

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LOLA: You were already an critically acclaimed author, what was it that made you transition into becoming a director?
: I grew bored with writing novels. I wanted a challenge. So, instead of being lockedaway in a room playing make-believe with imaginary people. I thought it wouldbe more interesting to get out in the world and play make-believe with real people.


LOLA: Where did the inspiration for this film come from?
My daughter, Emma, wanted to act, so I wrote this script for her. She did a remarkable job.


LOLA: What can we expect from you next?
My next film is just in the final stages of editing. It’s called: IT’S A GIRL.
It’s a Super 8 film about a girl who tells the story of the mother she never knew. Itwas made through NIFCO’s Super 8 program.


LOLA: Shakespeare or Spielberg?
Both. Entertain and enlighten, enlighten and terrify, but always entertain.


LOLA: Hollywood vs. Indie?
Both. There is always a happy medium ground. The trick to making films
or writing books is to make certain that the audience/reader always wants to
know what happens next. That’s always the main priority to hook interest.


LOLA: What is your opinion on internet distribution?
I enjoy being able to share films will people who are interested.
The internet makes this an easy task.


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by: Lola Sutton

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