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I’m 14 and I hate the world

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ken harvey, I’m 14 and I hate the world

From the very beginning of this title I was intrigued to see what this film was all about. Having not see any of Kenneth J. Harveys work but hearing much buzz about him, of course I checked out the synopsis which reads: Plucked from grandeur & plunked down in creepy squalor, a 14 year old girl learns how she sees the world is not the only option.


This was most interesting I thought and continued to watch the roughly 10 minute short film. From the opening credits I was locked into the story as it unfolded.

Upon the last scene, I thought wow simply a brilliant piece of work; I give props to Mr. Kenneth J. Harvey, director of the film, completely captured the essence and imagination of a 14 year old to a tee.

It is now that I understand why this film is in demand; so far it has won the Best Atlantic Short award at the 2011 Atlantic Film Festival. The award was sponsored by Kodak and earned him$3,000 in film stock that hes already got in use.Im 14 and Hate the Worldhas played at more than ten film festivals around the world, including Italy, Russia, India, and South America, and it has been nominated for two US-based Maverick Movie Awards. One for best screenplay, and one for best song, sung by his daughter, who he wrote the film for because she wanted to try her hand at acting.


If you would like to check out this film it will be playing (along with 15 other short films) at the LSPU Hall on December 8th. Only $5 admission. Drop by and enjoy some fine short films.

Exclusive SCENE Interview with Kenneth J. Harvey here!

Lola Sutton




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