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Psycho Mad Sally – Silencium GAG

Psycho Mad Sally – Silencium GAG

Psycho Mad Sally – Silencium GAG

Duration: 2:23

From: Toronto, ON
Style: Punk/Metal Fusion
Release Date: April. 18, 2013

Psycho Mad Sally is:
Sasha Nevskaya – vocals
Andrei Sin – lead guitar
Jennifer Melvin – violin
John Lalley – drums
Max Morin – bass

Overview:  Sasha Nevskaya (a.k.a. Psycho Mad Sally) sounds like the long lost younger and angrier sister of Lemmy Kilmister.  It’s aggressive, heavy and distinct, so you’d better keep your eye on the ball when dealing with Psycho Mad Sally, she bows to no one!




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