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Sam Roberts Band at Le Lion d'Or – Montreal Live Review


Sam Roberts Band at Le Lion d’Or – Montreal Live Review

Sam Roberts Band - February 15th 2014 - Lion d'Or- Photo by Andrej Ivanov

Sam Roberts Band – February 15th 2014 – Lion d’Or- Photo by Andrej Ivanov

Who: Sam Roberts Band
Where: Lion d’Or
From: Montreal, QC
When: Saturday February 15th 2014


Style: Indie Alt Rock

Walking in, 15 minutes before show time, I found a full house of 250 people of every age and walk of life. They all met at the small and homey venue with a single intent in mind: Sam Roberts Band’s latest album launch. They all cheered, yelled out praises and shouted their love for the Montreal musician. Whoever said that this guy wouldn’t make it was clearly dead wrong, and the crowd was eager to show it. When looking around, it was easy to spot people in their twenties intermixed with a much older crowd, all dancing, bobbing heads and enjoying the showcase of the new album, Lo-Fantasy.

The band chose to play the entirety of Lo-Fantasy from start to finish and to have a four song encore, consisting of Let It In, Fixed to Ruin, Bridge to Nowhere and Don’t Walk Away Eileen. The album is the first album that was completely recorded in Montreal, specifically the Notre-Dame-de-Grace area of Montreal. Musically, it doesn’t stray too far from the band’s normal style but what Sam does, Sam does very well! The tunes are catchy; they are upbeat, with a message and are generally fun.

Sam Roberts is a humble and modest musician and he transfers that into his art in the best possible way. His entire band mixes jazz and rock and even some reggae into the fray. All inspirations meld to create his unique sound. It’s never about a big flashy show with this band; they are all about the music rather than the crazy stage antics. And that’s a perfect fit for their personality.

While explaining where he recorded the album, he said that Montreal is the only crowd that can understand and appreciate his plight, while making a quip about our current construction issues. He made many nods to Montreal places and current situations and what could aggravate Montrealers.

Later in the show, he explained that he named a song after a video game, Kid Icarus. He elaborated that the song came to be in a spontaneous occurrence while they were jamming four chords.

Finally, the song Never Enough is the one that sticks out in the entire album. It is a cautionary tale about life’s excess. Roberts explained that he always pictures a gambler when it involves this particular song. The band always has at least one song that hits home in some ways or brings out an important message and this is one of their best ones.

Modesty is hot. Instead of picking up a huge venue to launch a new album, Sam Roberts showed his modesty by picking a small, yet beautiful venue with a small capacity to release his new album. It gave a feeling of exclusivity and importance, but also showed that intimate is better and easier to get close to his fans. This is something I’ve noticed that Roberts gives a  great deal of importance to, especially going to talk to his fans and shake as many hands as possible, and even sign autographs.

From start to finish the show was truly an amazing experience. Roberts as always shows that he is a truly kind-hearted soul with a lot of love to give, for his fans and his art.  The ambiance was exquisite and perfect for this type of concert. It was perfectly planned to the T, making us feel like we are all one big family and that Sam Roberts is the gentle father-figure.

Written and Photographed by Andrej Ivanov

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