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Slow Leaves – Cameron House – NXNE 2014

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Slow Leaves – Cameron House – NXNE 2014

Slow Leaves NXNE 2014

Where: Cameron House
From: Winnipeg, MB
When: Thursday June 19, 2014
Style: Country-Tinged Folk


As Sleigh Bells tore a new hipster hole in the heart of downtown at Dundas Square we opted for something a little left of centre and more “Canadiana” as The Cameron House on Queens St played host to Winnipeg’s Slow Leaves, the country-folk inspired solo effort by Grant Davidson.

It’s a confessional and rooted approach to country music that abstains from the clichéd “country pop” that has been misguiding the genre for some time now. The juxtaposition of a bustling downtown and this grounded country music was unique and felt truly fresh to the ears of Torontonians.

Grant and Co effortlessly and convincingly performed a setlist comprised of tunes from EP ‘Second Chances’ and LP ‘Beauty Is So Common’. While some casual attendees notably didn’t take to what they may have deemed clichéd, the crowd was for the most part captivated for their NXNE showcase.

The set was a breath of fresh air in the hurricane of soundalike electronic/indie bands that have seemingly saturated this years festival. Slow Leaves provided that escapism and grounded reality that seems so out of reach in a city like Toronto and it was a pleasure to witness.

By: Feargal Daly

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