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Sonny Tripp – You May Delay, But Time Will Not (e.p.)

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Band: Sonny Tripp
Album: You May Delay, But Time Will Not (e.p.)
Genre: Indie-rock
Produced by: Sonny Tripp







Recorded to 1/4″ 8 track tape on January 13, 2012 .
Vocals & Percussion overdubbed digitally on January 22, 2012. All recording took place in Portugal Cove, NL

Chris Donnelly – Drums/vocals
Andre Marshall – Bass/vocals
Dicky Strickland – Guitar/vocals
Ryan Taylor – Guitar/Vocals

track list:

1. Once Again
2. Once More
3. They’ll Make Us Believers
4. News
5. Space

Editor’s PICK – Track 5 – “Space”

The Good:  Cool riffs, particularly the intro guitar in track 2, “Once More”, and track 4, “News”, along with the bass in “They’ll Make us Believers”.  Excellent musical builds, and unpredictable twists and turns that lead good places.  The band generally has a stellar groove, despite some glaring oversights (see The Bad).  Sonically, Sonny Tripp knows how to get the best results out of their F/X pedals, and there is a pleasing variation in guitar tones.  The individual musical parts are intricate, but manage to avoid stepping on each others toes.  Though not immediately infectious, after a few listens some of the songs begin to grow on you.  You May Delay, But Time Will Not is an e.p, that definitely improves with each listen.


The Bad: When Sonny Tripp’s “Once Again” first came onto my stereo, my initial reaction was “get a metronome guys.”  This reoccurring rhythmic sloppiness remains a substantial blemish on an otherwise good disc. One example is the lead guitar around 4:50 on “They’ll Make us Believers”.  The part is great, but the performance needs to lay back.  You May Delay, But Time Will Not is pop music crafted for global airplay — a medium which is particularly unforgiving when it comes to loose timing.  Tighten the screws.  Also, the lead’s vocals should be louder in the mix, and there are some unnecessary drum fills that clutter the production.


The Ugly: Sonny Tripp is musically reminiscent of Modest Mouse and several other acts that have  garnered widespread play on a variety of radio stations.  After perusing the album art and conducting a quick Google search, I was unable to locate a professional group photo of the band.  If Sonny Tripp wants to take advantage of its full potential, they should move away from the abstract homemade image depicted in the album art, and start developing a bolder, more concrete persona.


Mini-review By: Lee Mellor

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