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The Spiders – Election Day – Single Review 

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With the recent first presidential debate driving the news cycle right now, and the election itself fast approaching, it should be no surprise that the wave of politically charged music is starting to pick up too. Just in time for this debate is the new single from New Jersey trio The Spiders, titled “Election Day.” Between some heavy commentary and classic power rock, very much in the style of Judas Priest or The Runaways, the track will definitely be stirring up some riots this election cycle.

Starting off is the song’s strong point and political weapon, it’s lyrics. Firing right out of the gate with “One’s a liar and one’s a fool/You have no choice, who you gonna choose?” the song let’s you know the Spiders’ stance immediately, not taking any sides. The pre-chorus goes on to take a dig at both Trump and Clinton on the wall and email scandal, which despite being fairly easy targets aren’t really delivered saying anything new.

The chorus delivers the song’s rallying cry, with a very catchy refrain of “HEY, I got something to say/HEY, on election day,” providing the song’s best hook and best political chant driver, with a bit of the flavour of “You Drive Me Wild.” Unfortunately instead of going for some deeper cuts on the two candidates, or offering some third solution the second verse is a fairly straightforward everyman complaint about life and government. This said the lyrics serve their purpose here, and getting into deep, unbiased political commentary on a three minute song is a stretch.

That said the instrumental side of the track does make its lyrical fallbacks a little harder to ignore. The instrumentation isn’t bad however, technically speaking it’s tight and mixes hooks in greatly. Unfortunately somewhere between the production and writing that feels fairly textbook, outside of a couple hooks the melodies don’t bring anything new to the table. That said considering the genre, an overtly complicated track may have had its message lost and been harder to follow but here even the bridge could have used something to spice it up.

Overall “Election Day” is a decent 2016 update for political rock, hitting both sides without holding back. Those looking for something new musically or commentary-wise will have to look elsewhere but if you’re looking for something to perfectly sum up the election in catchy way The Spiders hit the nail on the head.


Owen Maxwell