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Stogger’s Pizza

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What: Stogger’s Pizza
Where: 77 Harvey Rd.
Phone: 709-569-7864
Style: Pizza
Price: $5 – $30
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Monday to Friday from 11am – 12am
Saturday and Sunday from 11am – 2am


Stogger’s Pizza, perched atop Long’s Hill on the corner of Harvey Road, is in the heart of St. John’s “takeout district”. The flagship of the famous Big R Fish and Chips is on the same strip, with the iconic Ches’s and Leos Fish and Chips nearby. There is also 3 Chinese restaurants in the immediate area, clearly no shortage of good food around. Stogger’s is the only pizza joint in the area and business is booming.

Stogger’s has been serving up one of St. John’s most popular pizza’s ever since it opened. It has been close to ten years ago since it started up and swiftly gained a following among many local students in the area looking for a quick lunch. Word spread quickly then and it is now a local classic.

Stogger’s more than lives up to its name when it comes to their pizzas. They are “stogged” with toppings, all on a crisp yet chewy crust that’s perfect for dipping into their six dipping sauces. Stogger’s pizza sauce is very well made and generously applied to the crust. It’s a touch sweet but not overly so, and it’s thick so it doesn’t make the pizza soggy.

They use quality pepperoni and salami on the pizza as well and really layer it on, especially on pizzas such as “The Stogger” and the “Double Lovin'” which are big on everything toppings wise.

Stogger’s offers twelve pizzas on their menu, four of which are on their Original Classics Menu with the other eight on their Specialty Pizzas Menu. Sizes range from the six slice ten inch pizza to the twelve slice sixteen inch pizza. There’s also the option to make up your own pizza, choosing from eight varieties of meats, nine vegetable toppings, four sauces, and three cheeses.

There’s also classic Garlic Fingers and Stogger’s Townie Fingers which have bacon and green pepper added. There’s plenty of dipping sauces to choose from if you like to dip your crust too, from old favorites like Donair, Marinara and Ranch, to new flavors like Hot and Spicy, Honey Mustard and Stogger’s BBQ. That same BBQ sauce serves as the base for their BBQ Chicken Pizza, a very popular favorite among many.

Some of the standout favorites at Stogger’s Pizza include their classic “The Stogger”, a fully loaded works pizza and it’s variation the “Meat Stogger”, which features pretty much all the meat toppings and a hefty layer of mozzarella, it’s the ultimate meat lovers pizza for certain. The “Big Fat Greek Pizza”, with its tzatziki base, chicken breast slices, red onion, olives and feta cheese is a pleasing change from classic style if you are feeling adventurous, have a cold drink on hand though, it can be a bit salty with all that feta. The Vegetarian is a fave among the local vegetarian set, it’s packed with fresh vegetables, cheese, and sauce.

You generally can’t go wrong with whatever you choose at Stogger’s. Pizza’s on both the Classic and Specialty menus, as well as one you pick toppings for yourself, are well put together and there’s no skimping on the toppings.

In terms of quality of the food, Stogger’s is some of St. John’s best. Room for improvement would be directed at the actual restaurant itself  as it could use a bit of a renovation. It would be great to see the dining area look more like an actual pizzeria. Rather than the kind of generic pub height heavy wood tables and stools that are there now, some comfy booths, decor and lighting changes, plus a coat of paint would update the space and bring in more eat in customers.

Their menu is available online at


By: Vanessa Wade


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