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Super Geek League at MOD Club – Toronto Review

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Super Geek League at MOD Club – Toronto Review

Super Geek League at MOD Club - Toronto

Super Geek League at MOD Club – Toronto

Who: Super Geek League
From: Seattle, WA, USA
Where: MOD Club, Toronto, ON
When: June 16, 2013

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Crowd: Not even half full. Not the band’s fault and it didn’t stop the small crowd from having the time of their lives.

Style: These Seattle musicians sound directly influenced by System Of A Down. Super Geek League call their music Soul Metal. A very Interesting band.

Technicalities: Sound could have been better, but people were just too entertained to pay attention to that.  Also the lights were fantastic.

Sex Appeal: They had 4 sexy dancers entertaining the crowd. On top of that everyone in the band moved around constantly, they were on stage, off stage, they were all over the venue with their crazy lights attached to their heads and instruments!  There was so much going on that it felt like I was inside a circus. You can never get bored at a Super Geek League show. I also love how they ran around the venue to get people’s attention before their set.

Memorable song:  Fishing Man is a song from another dimension! These guys play music from a different planet.

Memorable moment: The entire show was memorable!  The band had balloons, beach balls and towards the end they gave pillows to the crowd and everyone started doesn’t get much better than that!

Review: Giancarlo Cortez
Photos: Jason Hodgins (except cover photos – D.Shelley)

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