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Super heroes branded as online gaming stars

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The world has long been enamored of the fantastical abilities of the super heroes we’ve embraced. Superman is the man of steel who stood as the role model for young boys. Spider Man is agile and can compete with Superman’s ability to leap over tall buildings by slinging himself around with a web shot from his hand. We’ve grown up with super heroes and the fascination has been ingrained in our minds. When it comes to gambling, we’re thrilled to find super heroes branded as online gaming stars. Thankfully, Canada online casinos are responding to the demand with a variety of super hero themed slot games.

Inspirations for slot games

The old comics were great fun to read. Saturday morning cartoons gave us a live action version that for many, were even better. Recently, a new craze in DC and Marvel films have been released and this has excited the public and renewed an interest in Superhero branded games. The Cryptologic company has developed a popular online slot for Superman fans. It’s packed with action and includes famous characters that you’ll recognize like Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, Clark Kent, aka the Man of Steel and others. The excitement really picks up with a max bet option that offers 50 to 60 pay lines. There is an option for a 100x your triggering bet.

Dark Knight Progressive

Microgaming has released the Dark Knight Progressive slot for online gaming. It’s filled with cinematic spins that are exciting and entertaining. Batman is the star of the show for this slot. You have to watch out for the joker because he’s a villain in this game. The payouts are big in this fun and brilliant online slot game. The online game packs the potential for a 4,000,000 credit payout.

Playtech superhero games

The Playtech company offers a good assortment of super hero slot games. Spiderman: Attack of the Green Goblin follows the comic version of the hero in a New York cityscape setting. It offers several bonus features to make playing fun and exciting.

Wolverine SlotLogan is another super hero slot favorite for online gamers. It features the cigar smoking hero long with Adamantium symbols for bonus round action of up to 12 free spins. That’s in addition to staking wilds with a possible incentive up to 5x multiplier. The Berserker Rage bonus lets you play for three different types of rewards.

The Incredible Hulk is another popular Playtech super hero themed slot. It offers exciting bonus rounds, free spins, triple bet action and smash bonus symbols. Playtech Marvel Jackpot slots offers a special feature for each game it offers. Every game in its repertoire is linked for multi-level progressive bonus chances.

Fans of super hero slot games have a lot to look forward to. A variety of premiere games are available in addition to the hundreds of games that are inspired by comic super heroes from the DC and Marvel franchises. Exciting gaming action is combined with your favorite characters. Most online casinos give you the option to play for fun or to bet with real money.

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