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Def Leppard Festival D’ete De Quebec – Review

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Def Leppard Festival D’ete De Quebec – Review – “Absolutely One Of The Best Audiences!”

Def Leppard Festival D’ete De Quebec - Cred: Darrell Shelley

Def Leppard Festival D’ete De Quebec – Cred: Darrell Shelley

WHO: Def Leppard 3rd (Danko Jones 1st, Foreigner 2nd)
FROM: Sheffield, England UK
WHERE: Bell Stage, Les Plaines D’Abraham, Festival D’Ete De Quebec, Quebec City, Qc
WHEN: Saturday July 13, 2013


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Intro “Wont Get Fooled Again” – THE WHO
Make Love Like A Man
Love Bites
Gods Of War
Armageddon It
Let’s Get Rocked

Rock Of Ages

“We’re gonna play a song from our first tour in Canada the Pyromania tour 1983”. Said front man Joe Elliott three songs into the set before they broke into Foolin. It was clear that Def Leppard had arrived.

STYLE: Hard Rock/Stadium Rock

CROWD: People were lined as far as the eye could see around Les Plaines D’Abraham. Some were saying 80,000 people attended the show. The exact number doesn’t really matter, bottom line is that Les Plaines D’Abraham was packed. The best way to describe it can be wrapped up with what front man Joe Elliot said “I think I can safely say that having been together, this line up has been together for nearly 22 years, this band has been on the go for 35 years. This is absolutely one, if not the best audiences that we’ve ever had the pleasure to stand in front of. Unbelievable! Merci Beaucoup

TECHNICALITIES: As had been the trend throughout the week, sound and lights at the Bell stage Festival D’ete De Quebec was world class. When we interviewed Danko Jones earlier, he said that this was probably the best set up he’s ever seen.

IMAGE/SEX APPEAL: With over 100 million albums sold, Def Leppard has always had the looks to go with the music. With websites dedicated to Joe Elliot like this one it’s clear that the legendary front man has a lot of sex appeal. The rest of the band still looks great and knows how to command the stage. Watching Def Leppard live is like watching that band that you wanted to be in, in high school. Guys wanna be in the band and girls wanna sleep with the band, these guys are real rock stars through and through.

Moment: No review about Def Leppard would be complete without something being said about the man known as “the one armed drummer aka Thunder God” Rick Allen. Fans who’ve seen them live before always wait in anticipation for Switch 365 from 1981’s High n Dry. This was Allen’s moment to shine and he did not let the fans down. The one armed miracle drummer who lost his arm in a car crash in 1984 played a 2 minute solo that brought the house down.  Starting off with a double kick/double tom sound, Allen’s solo was accompanied by fantastic lighting which matched perfectly to the rhythms. Every eye in the Plains was glued to the stage, as the Thunder God rained down a shower of poly-rhythms and technique that is rarely seen, even in drummers with two arms.

Comments: Although Def Leppard played an incredible set, it was short clocking in at approximately 1hr 45mins, most likely due to the sound curfew. Rush managed 18 songs before cutting the set short due to a thunder storm warning on Wednesday with a reported 6 more songs to go. Axel Rose and his Guns managed to play for over 2hr 30mins the night before. It would have been nice to see one of most attended and best shows of the festival go on a little longer. A double encore would have been great. I think Def Leppard was just getting started.

Review and Photos: Darrell Shelley

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