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Tegan and Sara at Mile One Centre – St. John’s Live Review

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Tegan and Sara at Mile One Centre — St. John’s Live Review


Tegan & Sara at Mile One Centre

Tegan & Sara at Mile One Centre

Who: Tegan & Sara
From: Vancouver, BC and Montreal, QC
Where: Mile One Centre, St. John’s, NL
When: July 29th, 2013


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STYLE: Indie/Pop

CROWD: Expecting a packed place as floor tickets were sold out within one day I was rather surprised to find it almost half empty. It made you wonder why there weren’t more tickets available.

Old and new fans alike were present. The age group under 30 predominated, I would say. Overall it was a well-mixed crowd though. Naturally there was a high percentage of lesbians in the audience…

The mood was good but I was missing those moments when the crowd goes wild because they are so excited about a song they like or the one they just heard. There were few of these moments. One happened when Tegan told them that the more they clapped and cheered the longer they would play. Another short one when they started ‘I Was A Fool’. And of course, at the end of the show. All in all, the crowd was rather mild.

SEX APPEAL: The twins seemed very tiny on the big stage which gave them a very cute image.

MEMORABLE MOMENTS: Sara told the story of when they were 16 and saw their first show which was ‘The Offspring’. She was giving away the fact that Tegan wore her hair like Dexter Holland at the time which was fun to imagine. While Sara was babbling on about how they were too young and small for crowd surfing Tegan interrupted her with ‘You sound like you are about to retire’. It was a random, funny and likeable scene, one sister babbling on and the other one cutting it off with a comment that made everybody laugh.

COMMENTS: They went on stage and did their thing without posing around. Now, you could consider that as a lack of stage presence. In my eyes it gives them even more credit. I didn’t come to see posing. I came to see a good show with a good sound and I wasn’t disappointed.

Tegan & Sara came across as sympathic and down to earth. The way they interacted with the crowd seemed almost a bit shy and nervous like they are still surprised to stand on stage in front of a big crowd.

They played songs not only from their most recent album ‘Heartthrob’ but also from their older albums. Most in the audience were familiar with the older stuff showing that they’ve not only been with Tegan & Sara recently.

Playing in Newfoundland was a first time for Tegan & Sara. Hopefully it won’t be their last time as we would like to see more of them…


Review: Melanie Fornoff

Photos: Shawn Peckford

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