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The Pink Pearl Dragon – Lo Fi Dragon High Electro

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lo fi dragon high electro

lo fi dragon high electro


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Lo Fi Dragon High Electro is the second EP from a one-woman band, The Pink Pearl Dragon. It was released in July 2012, two years after her self-titled debut. The Toronto-based The Pink Pearl Dragon, not only writes all of her songs, but arranges and produces her material. She is comes across as playful  with her use of various loops and effects, although sometimes you want her to let loose completely and be more experimental.  With a little more diversity, some risk taking and a solid fan-base she just might emerge on the scene as the next Grimes.

Lo Fi Dragon High Electro is a mix of high dream pop vocals, and shoegaze guitars and distortions. The EP truly shines when it’s the loudest (think HTRK with a touch of Blonde Redhead). Romantic lyrics and ethereal multi-layered vocals will surely urge all the teenage girls to sing along, even if the words are hard to understand sometimes.

“A Happy Song” is the shining jewel of the album, providing a great entrance into the world of The Pink Pearl Dragon. It makes a bold statement and sets the tone for the whole record. Unfortunately, this otherworldly ride ends with the song “Word” and its long fading outro. “Play Again”, which comes after it, sadly feels like a step down from the level of artistry and vocal ability of the record.


The Good:  The Pink Pearl Dragon is riding the wave of the “IT” genre. The best thing anyone can do is be at the right place at the right time.

The Bad: The last track is completely lost on me.

The Ugly: Small imperfections in guitar rhythm changes and unclear vocal note ties grow on you and feel more personal. There is a lot of potential that still needs to be tapped into.


By: Raya P.

  Happy Song   Great opening song! Catchy and mesmerizing.  10
  Rest Your Head   the piano melody is too simplistic, the drum loop is boring.  6
  Thinking of You Running the most guitar driven song on the EP. Shoegaze at its best.  8
  Save My Heart  A party winding down. A breather at a live show.  7
  Word Back to the dreamland. Reintroduces all the main ideas of the record and adds to them.  9
  Play Again  lazy and uninspired. Sounds like something put together at the last moment.  5



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