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The Superstars of Comedy Open for 2014

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Superstars of Comedy NYE Special


We here at the Scene Magazine comedy desk (and by we, I mean me – Dean. Because I run this bitch. But only the comedy part. Various people run the other respective “bitches”, like the music and festival bitches. To use the parliance of our times)

Anyways, *we here at the Scene are well aware that 2014 is in fact a year on the calendar, and in fact not a person. But still, it works for the whole standup comedy thing if I say that The Superstars of Comedy are “opening” for 2014. Get it? Like, an opening act? And its New Years Eve, so they’re starting the year off… ah, nevermind. If you don’t like how layered a tapestry my writing is, you can feck off till next year and come back when your ball drops, pal. See you next Tuesday!

Pat MacDonald returns with his shitkicker Comedy Bar show “THE SUPERSTARS OF COMEDY”, ringin’ them bells for the New Year

Joining Pat this New Year’s Eve on the C-Bar stage? Glad you asked, chum chum

Guest host Rob Bebenek (Sirius XM, Yuk Yuks) is gonna whip you drunken so & so’s with your fancy dinner suits and pearls into a Goddamn frenzy

And of course, we have Pat MacDonald (Comedy Network, NXNE), but I already said that shit

An appearance by Toronto comedy’s ultra smooth nerd extraordinaire Jamie O’Connor (Absolute Comedy). This guy reads gooder and talks more gooder than most of the other jokers in town 

And this month’s special guest headliner Ben Miner (Sirius XM, Just for Laughs). Ben Miner recently punched his 15-year standup card, so you KNOW he’s good for it! Plus, he says your own comedy editor has nice hair, so you can look for some pretty smart & observant comedy from this suave motherchuckler

Tickets are just $15 at the door, but since this show is a hit and it’s New Year’s Eve you might wanna wrap it before you tap it. Know what I mean? Play it safe and get yours for $12 advance right here…



Tues, Dec 31. 7:30pm

Comedy Bar (945 Bloor West @ Ossington)


The Scene