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Thymes @ The Ship Review

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Great Night Of Music At The Ship

Stormy weather never stopped the crowd of people at The Ship from having a good time.

The night opened up with an atmosphere laced with poetic brilliance by Nick Ryan-member of the band The Elizabethians. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the rest of Nick’s band mates could not join him, yet he braved on with an acoustic set of fun folk and clever lyrics later accompanied by Allison Sheffield on trumpet. It was a story telling like no other. Including the wonderful Biology jokes he incorporated into his show.

With their upbeat tempos and catchy sound The Thymes got the bar moving. It was refreshing to see a group of musicians put a set together that was impeccable and inescapably energetic. With a unique sound, and killer guitar riffs played by the bands guitarist Leon White, there is no mistaking this band is headed for phenomenal things. They put themselves out there fully. No gimmicks, just themselves. Music is in their veins and it’s clear to see. Didn’t get to see them at The Ship? No problem! They are currently working on an EP and hope to be playing live again sometime in April.

Towards the end of the evening, The Long Distance Runners took to the stage with a strong presence. Animated and very lively; Dicky, Ryan, Matt, Adam and Chris owned the stage with such force it could not be contained. Within minutes of their first song, the crowd was energized and loving every minute of it.

The Ship’s atmosphere was friendly and very welcoming. It was a pleasure to witness these diverse sounds in such a comfortable setting.  Check out any of these bands and you will not be disappointed.

By: Sherrie-Lee Elson

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