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Let’s Talk July Talk

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Let’s Talk about July Talk – It’s time to listen to July Talk


Fresh off their European tour as one of Canada’s premier breakthrough artists, July Talk has yet again taken to the road in North America to support the extended edition of their re-released self-titled debut album July Talk. As a band bred in the downtown bars of Toronto, July Talk’s unique musical fusion blends varying elements of indie pop, post rock, rockabilly and hard rock, among others, to create a distinct and immediately familial sound. After listening to but one or two of their catchy singles, if decidedly July Talk isn’t your cup of tea, at minimum you’ll be able to recognize their sound in the near future as their un-deniable success continues to grow.

Since the band’s inception, July Talk’s progression has been evident, reaching new heights and taking new markets by storm. As a division of Universal Music Canada, White Girl records became the first label to release July Talk’s debut LP in 2011. Since then, the label has evolved into Sleepless Records, affording July Talk the opportunity to re-release an extended edition of their CD while playing alongside notable Canadian artists like Sam Roberts, The Arkells, Matthew Good and Billy Talent. The result has seen July Talk featured on Breakfast Television, Jian Giomeshi, experience extensive radio play nation wide and become a Juno award nominee. In addition, their appeal has fed into international markets with demand prompting distribution contracts signed with Island Records in the US, Polydor Records in UK, EMI in Australia and Universal in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Together, July Talk’s diverse combination of personalities formulates an intriguing dynamic found in their live performance. To the stage, lead singer Leah Fay brings an angelic voice backed by deviant innocence, making the stage her personal playground with props making a frequent appearance. Pitted against her is Peter Dreimanis on rhythm guitar and vocals whose distinctly edgy voice and high-octane energy is undoubtedly a crowd pleaser. Accompanied by the versatile lead guitarist and keyboardist, Ian Docherty provides impressive solo work and always rocks out the hardest. Josh Warburton, lays the foundation on the bass guitar, bringing style to both sound and cinema, doubling as the band’s music video director. Finally on drums and percussion, steady and laid back, Danny Miles precisely articulates the music just as it should be, no more and no less.

Making for a notable aesthetic, at the core of the band lies a central concept of duality — of man and woman, of beauty and beast, of love and hate, of black and white. Each song features both singers with lyrics written from both sides of the story. Whether ridden with conflict and tension or in love and harmony, all can be observed live, in their many music videos or on their 14 track record. The LP is extensive, containing a number of instantly memorable songs. Highlights include the southern rockabilly guitar solo in The Garden, the angelic vocal harmony in the breakdown of Guns and Ammunition, the synth leads in Don’t Let Her know or the liquid soundscape for cruising downtown in Don’t Call Home. But don’t take The Scene’s word for it, see for yourself and don’t forget to spread the word this summer for July Talk and their highly anticipated second album.

The band will be in Edmonton August 30 and Calgary for X-Fest August 31.

July Talk will be in Australia, Europe, The USA and Canada again this fall: SEE DATES

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By: Drew Vanderhorst


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