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Top 5 VELD 2015 DJ Sets

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Top 5 VELD 2015 DJ Sets

VELD Music Festival provided Toronto with one of the most diverse and intoxicating EDM lineups to hit Canada this summer. While the festival was cut short due to extreme weather conditions, the artists who did get to perform provided outstanding sets. Here’s our top 5 sets that we caught on the weekend.

1. Deadmau5

Deadmau5 at VELD 2015 - Dagmar Yu

Deadmau5, VELD 2015 – Photos: Dagmar Yu

Deadmau5 provided one of the most original sets of the day. Being one of the producers of the festival, he was afforded the opportunity to redesign the stage set up to his specs and he did not fail to impress. Opening in a giant metal sphere, surrounded by another articulately impressive structure, Joel seemed to come out of a Matryoshka style contraption with fully lit up eyes on the iconic mouse head. The entire performance was amazingly produced with obvious skill from Joel, who recently tweeted “…I don’t ‘play sets’ I perform my music.” Mashing the instruments on stage he had flawless transitions and perfectly articulated effect timing, making for one hell of a show. Of course, it wouldn’t be Deadmau5 without some trolling, so he did take a break halfway through to have a beer and throw in some sarcastic “put your hands up” comments, laughing as the crowd complied.

2. Chocolate Puma

Gaston Steenkist takes a tree from the crowd as their new hype toy

Gaston Steenkist takes a fan’s ballsack tree as Chocolate Puma’s hype toy for the set

Staying relevant in the music industry is not an easy task, especially after 20 years. After hearing recent singles from the Netherland duo Chocolate Puma, it quickly became obvious how they managed to keep such a strong following. With fresh sounds and unique drops I can easily say I’ve never seen such an enthusiastic crowd for a full length set. With smiles on their faces during every transition, the pair seemed so technically involved with the music they didn’t spend any time shouting into the microphone and with their hands in the air. The refreshing set felt amazing overall with nothing but good vibes in the crowd.

3. A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky at VELD 2015

A$AP Rocky

After seeing A$AP Ferg at the Full Flex Tour, and being rather disappointed by the performance, I was skeptical about seeing the A$AP Mob lead artist. After chanting for almost half an hour and patiently waiting in the Bacardi sweatbox tent, Rocky finally appeared on stage with amazing energy and impressive sounding audio quality. Starting off with Hella Hoes, continuing with L$D, the tracklist was well thought out with amazing flow. Continuing with classics Jump Around and Wonderwall, Rocky had the crowd keeping their hands up and in mosh pits the entire set. Only as we were leaving did I realize that was the most full the Bacardi Tent was the whole day.

4. Borgore

Top DJs - Borgore-3

Official daddy’s girl

One of the fastest growing artists in the industry, Borgore has produced some of the most well known drops of 2014. Seeing him a couple years ago, one could tell he had nowhere to go but up, and he proved this true at VELD this year. Combining banging originals, throwing in trap, dubstep, hardstyle and even some g-house, it was obvious the Israeli native was on top, and maybe ahead of the scene. The technical skill was apparent, and the drops were so perfectly timed I found it hard to believe the set finished when it did. Borgore outdid himself this year, and we’re excited to see what he has planned next.

5. AC Slater

Fans who know what's up

Fans who know what’s up

Not to be confused with the childhood character played by Mario Lopez on Saved by The Bell, Slater (Aaron Clevenger) has been steadily pushing out songs for the past few years. While his older tracks seemed generic and uninteresting, the past two years has been an amazing transition period with bigger collabs and a more polished final product. His set contained everything from Juaz to Nest Hq originals, and the tent bounced hard to all of it. Slater’s more mastered sound has paid off, and VELD was the perfect showcase for the talent.

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