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Toronto Review – Morre at Lee's Palace

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Toronto Review – Morre at Lee’s Palace – March 15, 2013

Toronto Review Morre Cred: Alexei N. Malakhov

Toronto Review Morre Cred: Alexei N. Malakhov


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Who: Morre
From: Toronto, ON
Where: Lee’s Palace — Toronto, ON
When: March 15, 2013

Style: Morre have been around since 2007 and count Toronto as their hometown. With 3 albums and 2 successful European tours under their belt, they return to Toronto to celebrate the release of their new video. Morre has a very unique and diverse sound, drawing influence from classic rock (Led Zeppelin), prog (Dream Theater, Anathema) and world music. Having said that, they are still very approachable.

The Crowd: Good guy-to-girl ratio. Everyone was mesmerized by what was happening on stage. The crowd was very supportive, clapping and singing along. Generally, a very positive vibe.

Sex Appeal/Image: Maybe they always had it, or maybe Europe is rubbing off on them, but Morre’s performance felt very easy-going. The band was tight even with the addition of two new members (bassist — Dan and drummer — James). Igor (Vocals/Guitars) and Adrian (Vocals/Guitars) are both natural showmen with a distinct style. Igor has a more romantic and passionate approach and Adrian is very nonchalant. They both had about the same amount of time in the spotlight, but they were the best when they came together in harmony.

Memorable Song/Moment: “Lady of Lust” got all the girls swaying those hips. The last song before the encore had a really cool breakdown reminiscent of Dream Theatre. For the encore, Morre performed “Comfortably Numb” (originally by Pink Floyd). It was a worthy cover of an epic song and a great end of the night. Even people from the club upstairs were peeking in to see who had the balls and the skill to pull off something like that.

Comments: Morre is a class act, molding the matter around them into a one of a kind experience.

Review By: Raya P. Morrison
Photos By: Alexei N. Malakhov

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