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Vince Neil at Mile One – St. John's Live Review

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Vince Neil at Mile One – St. John’s Live Review


Who: Vince Neil
From: Holloywood, CA – USA
Where: Mile One, St. John’s NL
When: February 15th, 2014


Style: Metal/Hard Rock

Still around and kick’n’, Vince Neil of Motley Crew fame preformed at Mile One Center to a nearly sold out crowd. Accompanied by Slaughter, who doubled as his backup band, Neil preformed many of his Motley Crew hits, as well as some of his own songs. Born on the Sunset strip in the 1980’s, Neil’s style of hard rock appeals to the forty something crowed evident in last night’s concert.  This solo tour is a precursor to Neil’s final tour with Motley Crew; Mick Mars, Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx, with special guest Alice Cooper, slated to begin the summer of 2014.

Slaughter took the stage at 7:30, followed by St. John’s own All Stars, who played a cranking rendition of Billy Idols, Rebel Yell.  Neil followed at 9:30, and true to form whipped the crowed into a hard rock frenzy with Live Wire and finishing up with the hit Girls, Girls, Girls. What, no Tattoos and Tequila?

The crowd included some young rockers, but the majority were forty and fifty something reliving there misspent youth. They gave Neil warm and rowdy reception, jumping from their seats, filling the stadium with loud applause, and singing along with his hits. There were a few young kids who seemed really in to it. One young girl waiting around for the meet and greet with her father for some time, was noticeably excited to meet Vince Neil; enter the next generation.

Stylistically it was what one would expect from these 80’s and 90’s rockers. Having jumped on the early bandwagon for this genre of rock n roll, they wrote the book on performance, and didn’t miss a trick. High energy solos from both the lead guitarist, Jeff Bland, and the amazing drive and performance by their drummer Zoltan Cheney who, it could be argued, stole the stage in sheer showmanship. This is a guy who likes to light his drums on fire, and is notorious for his dynamic, and in my opinion, Ritalin inspired performance.

The image of Vince Neil and the band was true to form. Faded denim and hair that your teenage sister would kill for, but hey, who can argue with that? It stole many a teenage heart in its time, and it’s the look that has never gone out of style among the hard core fans. The stage was minimal, with the central focus on the drums and the high performance Marshal stacks. This allowed for the emphasis to be on the drive and presentation of the band members and Neil himself.

With his performance of Home Sweet Home, Neil created a memorable moment for the fans. He spoke before the song stating that, he hope he could do it well, and he did as evidenced by the majority of cell phones (where have all the lighters gone?) being held up during this slow rock ballad.  Aside from Neil, most eyes were on Cheney the bands drummer, whose high octane playing and stick twirling antics gave the audience an eye as well as an ear full.

Overall, Neil gave a good performance despite the length of time and energy it took him to get to St. Johns. He commented in colorful words on the sanity of those of us who choose to live in this northern Canadian city. Neil left the front of the stage several times while solos were being played to collect himself behind the stacks, leaving one to wonder about the grueling schedule, and if the years of preforming were taking their toll.  Neil will be returning to the stage after this tour in the summer of 2014 with Motley Crew in their final concert tour. We wish them all the best, and hope they find their way back to “The Rock” for a final good-bye.


Set List:

Live Wire
Dr. Feel Good
Piece Of Your Action
Looks That Kill
Home Sweet Home
Don’t’ Go Away Mad
Same Ol’ Situation (S.O.S.)
Blando Medley — Still Of The Night/Heaven And Hell
Kickstart My Heart
Girls, Girls, Girls
Wild Side

Review by: C. Egan
Photos: Shawn Peckford


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