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Wordburglar – Hard Luck Bar – CMW 2014


Wordburglar — Hard Luck Bar — CMW 2014

WordBurglar - Hard Luck - May 8th 2014-3600

Who: Wordburglar
From: Toronto, ON
Where: Hard Luck Bar
When: Thursday, May 8th, 2014

Total Score: 6.4/10

Style: Hip-Hop

Crowd: Sadly Hard Luck Bar was practically empty for this hip-hop duo; and it didn’t look like the venue would fill up anytime that night at all. There was one fan who was bobbing his head along every rhyme, the rest of the audience were glued to their seats.

Image: Wordburglar feels heavily inspired by the Beastie Boys, mixing old school beats with progressive scratches and fresh cultural references. The MC generally seems more interested in his rhymes than the “hip-hop” lifestyle, which is refreshing in the world of Drakes and Lil’ Waynes.

Memorable Song/Moment: Wordburglar finished the set on a high note, with a supremely catchy “Rhyme O’Clock”.

Comments: Wordburglar’s set could have been one of the best during the CMW week, but poor attendance really took its toll on the performance and the atmosphere. Better luck next time!

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Written by: Raya P Morrison
Photos by: Andrej Ivanov