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KASH – Feels Like – Single Review 

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Independent hip hop is often one of the only modern refuges for throwback and more R&B infused rapping. Save for some Wyclef Jean, the days of relaxed rapping seem to be all but gone in the mainstream. North Carolina rapper KASH, however is trying to bring back this more relaxed style, while adding to the cleverly used autotune canon through his interesting use of harmonies.

His new single “Feels Like” finds him alienated from his peers after trying to focus on his work and dealing with some bad seeds in his life. KASH even digs into the classic dilemma of shutting yourself down after being hurt by enough bad friends, eventually turning you into the cold person who lets nobody in and seems like the type of person you’re shutting out.

Sonically the production of the track is extremely satisfying, from the deep bass note pops to the open feel in the rest of the track. The sparse percussion works thanks to how it’s accented in the mix, really hitting on each note. Although it may come down to personal preference the monotone way the vocals are mixed and delivered do make the song feel more bland than it deserves.

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