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Jordan Alexander – Take Me Out Tonight – Single Review

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Some artists just know how to craft a subtle pop single. Toronto’s Jordan Alexander does just this on her new track “Take Me Out Tonight” which mixes parts Leona Lewis and Lights, with soft piano and guitars for a dreamy night track sure to start some nights off in a smooth way.

The track opens on a subtle mix of keys and electronics with Alexander’s vocals velvety vocals driving the track. Each chorus bursts with a surge of guitars and a dynamic shift in piano. With each verse the layers of instrumentation get more complex, adding to the song’s variety. After the second chorus, Alexander’s vocals take over as the song strips everything back to a few simple chords before dropping into the final triumphant chorus with the even more life and layers than before. The mix of guitars, piano and Alexander’s vocals blend beautifully mixing in rhythm and melody naturally providing an accent to the percussion track.

The video for the track features Alexander and crew driving around Toronto at night with Alexander’s real grandmother, and taking out to party with them. The cinematography provides a cool complement to the track’s night time feel and the video’s made a lot more interesting by the fact that Alexander’s grandmother actually took the shots of tequila and smoked real marijuana for the video shoot.